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The No-Code
Data Activation Platform

The Fastest way to Activate Customer Data in your Cloud Data Warehouse to drive revenue.

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Data Warehouse sending data to Marketing Platforms

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Create Customer Segments with No SQL Required

Now any team can build customer lists in your Data Warehouse for sales and marketing campaigns in minutes, no SQL required.

  • Visual Audience Builder

    Visual Audience Builder

  • SQL Audience Builder

    SQL Audience Builder

  • Share Audiences
    Share Audiences
  • Audience Templates
    Audience Templates
  • Approvals and Governance
    Approvals & Governance
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Activate Customer Data in your Favorite Tools

Send customer segments from your Data Warehouse to your favorite tools

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Intelligent customer audience examples
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Create machine learning driven customer audiences for targeting your messaging.

  • At Risk Customers

    At Risk Customers

  • High Potential Buyers

    High Potential Buyers

  • Seasonal Spenders
    Seasonal Spenders
  • Regular Loyalists
    Regular Loyalists
  • Likely Winback
    Likely Winback
  • RFMD Segments
    RFMD Segments
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Everything stays in your Data Warehouse

Launched directly on BigQuery, Redshift, or Snowflake, so your customer data always stays exactly where it should be.

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Data Warehouse sending data to Marketing Platforms
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Measure revenue lift
in one place

See your incremental revenue lift on every customer segment

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GDPR & CCPA Privacy Compliance

Be ready for GDPR & CCPA and ensure your customer data stays in compliance.

Manage customer data requests

Automated Audience Removal

Upon request, a customer's data can be removed from every marketing audience across platforms.

Manage customer data requests

Request Queue Management

Your teams can see a user privacy request queue easily in one place.

Manage customer data requests

Audience Audits

All requests are logged and monitored so you can verify your customers request was complied with.

Manage customer data requests

Privacy Across Systems

Internal systems can use our Privacy API to see which users need to have their data anonymized or erased.

Companies systematically amplify their growth when they work with Flywheel.

Companies that want to speak to their customers intelligently and
drive more revenue work with Flywheel to launch campaigns across channels faster.

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"Flywheel Software is a key partner for us that drives innovation with new Cloud solutions across the growth marketing stack. Flywheel not only brings Google Cloud and machine learning to the table, but also the product strategy that helps our team execute on massive marketing initiatives that matter.”
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Robert Gibbs, Global Director

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“Flywheel has been an incredible partner. Their efforts have unlocked profound customer and marketing intelligence that continues to deliver outsized growth for our organization.”
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Chris Klemming, Marketing Manager

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