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1st Party Data Platform Built for Snowflake

Build customer segments on Snowflake and activate in any destination, no SQL required.

Data Warehouse sending data to Marketing Platforms
Flywheel self serve web interface

Create Customer Segments with No SQL Required

Now any team can build customer lists on Snowflake and send them to marketing and sales destinations in minutes, no SQL required.

Activate Customer Data in your Favorite Tools

Send customer segments from Snowflake to your favorite tools

Better Together,
Flywheel Software Powered by Snowflake

Trusted by innovative companies

Companies Systematically Amplify their Growth When They Work with Flywheel

Companies that want to speak to their customers intelligently and
drive more revenue work with Flywheel to launch campaigns across channels faster.

“Flywheel activates the Snowflake Data Cloud for our marketing team, which means the Lifecycle Segmentation models developed by our Marketing Analytics team are available across our marketing channels.”

Judy Nam, VP of SMB Marketing at Indeed

“Flywheel’s dedicated customer team handled all the heavy lifting to ensure a quick time to value.”

Braden Moore, VP Data & Analytics, Philadelphia 76ers

“Thanks to Flywheel’s no-code platform, our marketing team can self-serve to build audiences directly on Snowflake for the first time. This has had a big impact on our team’s velocity—we’ve been able to 8x the number of campaign launches per quarter.”

Judy Nam, VP of SMB Marketing at Indeed

“Our sales team refers to the Flywheel Software Audience Builder as the Flywheel Lead machine.”

Jon Hay, Vice President Data, Intelligence & Analytics, Boston Red Sox

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Supercharge your favorite marketing and sales tools with intelligent customer audiences built in Snowflake.

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