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San Francisco

The Flywheel Method

Founded by Former Googlers to democratize customer data
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Data Warehouses
Our Values

Cross Cloud
Cross Data Warehouse

Companies are bringing data to the cloud creating standardization in enterprise for the first time. Today that data is locked away and only accessible to technical teams. Flywheel is on a mission to democratize customer data by enabling any team within an organization to access customer data in their data warehouse and activate it anywhere.
Our Values

Long Term Focus

We build slowly but surely for the long term. We are transparent about the challenges of building a great company. We are humble in facing those challenges. But, we know that if we keep improving every day the Flywheel turns.
Our Values

The Flywheel Turns

- Join a tech startup that is profitable and growing fast
- Our Advisors include top execs in Silicon Valley
- We actually do collaborative Tech Specs
- Work on ML that drives business value you can see fast
- Work on bleeding edge Cloud technologies

Come Join Us

We are hiring for people that care about shipping and shortening the time it takes for software to drive business value. If that is your mindset, we'd like to talk.




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“I love the working environment at this company. There is little wonder they have one of the most impressive OpenDoor scores I’ve ever seen.”
Anabelle Porter
Interface Designer
“Since joining the team, I've learned skills and worked on projects that I could only have dreamed of before.”
Lisa Freedman
Project Manager
“The culture is not like most companies I've worked for. There is an atmosphere of genuine camaraderie.”
Lucas Flint
Front-End Engineer
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