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Retain, Grow
& Win Back your Customers

Create intelligent customer segments in one central hub, and use them across channels.

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Activate your favorite marketing & sales channels with intelligent customer segments.

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Customer profiles at 
your fingertips

Unify your customer data from every channel in one place, so you can deliver a consistent, personalized customer experience. No assistance from dev required.

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Flywheel suggests intelligent customer audiences that you can deploy in minutes.

Customer Lifecycle

Your favorite marketing tools, supercharged

We’re here to improve - not replace - your tools. Automatically sync your intelligent segments across your favorite channels.

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Measure revenue lift
in one place

See your incremental revenue lift on every customer audience.

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Solutions for...

Target your ideal customer
- Intelligent Seed
- Customer Segments
- Reduce CAC
- Increase LTV
Reduce CAC by 15%+ with intelligent seed segments.
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Keep & grow your customer base
- Intelligent Segments
- Automatically Synced to Your Platforms of Choice
- Measure Incremental Revenue Lift
Drive a 20% revenue lift with current customers through our platform.
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A single customer profile
- Visual Audience Builder
- Out-of-the-box Audience Segments
- Instant Customer Profiles
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