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Export customer lists from your Data Warehouse to Braze to engage them with email and push notifications.

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Send customer lists from your Data Warehouse to Braze, targeting email and push notification campaigns in one click, and always keep them in sync.

Common Use Cases

  1. Emails based on sign-up activation — Send emails to help users that fall off in your sign up flow and convert them to active users.
  2. Emails based on any user behavior— Send emails based on user behavior such as "Add to Cart."
  3. Emails to churned customers — Re-engage churned customers via email with an offer.

How it Works

  1. Create an audience in Flywheel.
  2. Every 15 minutes, we'll generate an updated version of your customer list and send it to Braze.
  3. At the same time, Flywheel will remove users from your audience that no longer qualify and add newly qualified users to your audience.
  4. Braze will match users and create a flag, signifying they are a part of a Flywheel audience.
  5. When you create a campaign in Braze, you can select customers in that Flywheel audience.

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