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Activate Data from Snowflake to TikTok

Learn how to activate customer data from Snowflake to TikTok Ads in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

Katharine Toll

Katharine Toll

Email campaigns and cookies used to be enough for solid retargeting efforts, but they have declined dramatically in recent years. 

Now, the most effective way to target your audiences is with first-party data on ad platforms including TikTok. 

As a leading app in both the Google Play Store and Apple Store, TikTok is a powerful social channel for reaching young audiences. With your first-party data, you can segment audiences for exclusion, targeting, and lookalike campaigns. 

The key is to activate the data from your data cloud to TikTok ads. 

Here’s the process of syncing your data from Snowflake to TikTok ads. 

Manually Importing Data to TikTok from Your Data Cloud

You can manually import data from Snowflake to TikTok using CSV files. Here’s the process according to TikTok:

  1. In Snowflake, create your CSV file. 
  2. Format the CSV file with the proper headings using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. 
  3. In the TikTok Ads manager, and choose “Create a Custom Audience.”
  4. Pick the source for your customer audience. Select “Customer File.”
  5. Select the customer ID format. 
  6. Upload the CSV file. 
  7. Add an audience name. 
  8. Click “Confirm”

Snowflake to TikTok with Flywheel Software

You can manually add first-party data to TikTok Ads, but there is a much simpler and time-saving solution: Flywheel Software. With Flywheel, you can quickly activate customer segments from Snowflake to TikTok Ads within minutes. Do it one time or set up sync or automatic updates. 

  1. Connect your Snowflake data cloud with Flywheel as the source. Enter your data credentials. 
  2. Pick TikTok ads as the destination. 
  3. Create a custom audience with Flywheel’s audience builder or use one in your account. 
  4. Select the percentage of treatment and control experimentation
  5. Complete the export to TikTok Ads. The name you set in Flywheel will automatically sync to TikTok. 

Choose automatic sync to add new users who fit the audience segment as they come in. 

The process is similar when activating Snowflake to Instagram Ads or Snowflake to Facebook Ads as well. Each platform offers unique benefits and marketing opportunities to consider. 

Activate Your Data with Flywheel 

Leverage your first-party data with Flywheel Software. We make it fast and simple to activate your data with your marketing channels, allowing you to make the most of your first-party data. Using Flywheel, you can activate data cloud data to over 30 destinations, including TikTok Ads

Get started today by scheduling your free demo with our software experts.

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