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The Monthly Wheeler: March 2021


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March 12, 2021

Each month we like to highlight features that are unlocking the most value for our clients. March has been a big month. We're now enabling clients to see uplift on their customer segments for Any Metric in their data warehouse. If you ever wondered if your email, push, sms, or retargeting ads are driving real lift in revenue, logins, add to carts, or Any Metric you define. You now can.

New features

Prove the impact of your campaigns with Lift Chart 📈

Now you have the proof to end the debate over marketing value and ROAS. With Any Metric, you can see the incremental revenue impact of your email, push, and sms campaigns and determine their effectiveness in getting customers to take action. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Define your audiences and apply a treatment/control split in the Audience Report.
  2. Export your audience to one of our many destinations: Facebook, Google, Marketo, Braze, etc.
  3. Check back in 7 days and see the Any Metric Graph populate the revenue uplift from the campaign.

If you’d like to enable a metric in the graph, contact us at

View the revenue lift for any customer segment

Segment customers by RFMD ✂️

Segment your users based on their behavior. RFMD automatically divides your customers into groups based on their last purchase (Recency), how often they’ve purchased in the past (Frequency), how much they’ve spent overall (Monetary), and how long they’ve been a customer for (Duration). You can use it to easily identify Lost Champions for winback campaigns or New High Spenders for upsell. Here’s how to view them:

  1. Select Audiences in the vertical navigation bar.
  2. Click the RFMD Audiences tab.
RFMD Segments automatically updating every day

Organize your audiences with tags 🏷️

Instantly categorize your audiences with tags for hassle-free searches down the road. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to an existing audience or create a new audience.
  2. Enter a keyword(s) in the box underneath the description. Hit enter and click save.
  3. Go to the Audiences tab and use the “Tags” filter to only view audiences that contain the keyword.
Creating a customer segment right on your Data Warehouse

Bug fixes & app improvements

Field caching for faster response 💾

Adding or removing filters for your audience is lightning fast thanks to field caching. Now you quickly define your audiences with little to no lag!

Thanks for your continued support,

The Flywheel team

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