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Send data from BigQuery to Google Ads in under 5 minutes

Chris Sell

Chris Sell

The data you have on your customers is incredibly valuable. The only pesky problem is it is locked away in your Cloud Data Warehouse so your business teams can’t use it easily for marketing and sales campaigns.

Today we’re going to show you how you get customer data from BigQuery to Google Ads to target your Search, Youtube, Gmail, and Display ads on Google. And we’re going to do it in less time than it takes to make a cup of ☕️.

But, first, let’s take a quick step back. Why send your data to Google Ads in the first place? You may have seen some of our reasoning from our posts on other channels, but we see several common use cases across clients where bringing the power of BigQuery to Google Ads can create real business value. Some of the common use cases we see include:

  1. Best Customer Lookalikes — Exporting lists of your best customers to Google Ads to find “similar” users to acquire.
  2. Churn Re-activation — Exporting lists of customers who have churned and you are trying to win back based on what they purchased in the past.
  3. Free to Paid Conversion — Exporting lists of free sign-ups you are trying to convert to paid customers.
  4. Upsell Non-Email Openers — The majority of your customers don’t read your emails, unfortunately. For those non-readers, you can get in front of them on Google and Youtube for cross-selling and upsell to new products. This is a clever use case we see all the time.

When activating your BigQuery customer data in Google there are a few key elements to consider:

  1. One time vs Ongoing Sync — Do you want the customer segment in BigQuery to be sent once to Google Ads? Or do you want it to update every day based on which customers now fit your segment criteria (ie. churned customers). Usually, we see customers want ongoing sync, but find it difficult to implement in practice.
  2. Measurement — Are you going to hold back any portion of your customer segment as a control group to measure if Google Ads is driving incremental revenue?

With Flywheel you can start syncing your BigQuery data to Google Ads in a few simple steps:

Send data from BigQuery to Google Ads

  1. Setup BigQuery as a Source
  2. Setup Google Ads as a Destination
  3. Create customer segment based on the data you have in BigQuery
  4. Select a treatment/control group
  5. Export to Google Ads

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