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How to Send Data from Snowflake to YouTube Ads

Step-by-step instructions on how to send data from your Snowflake Data Cloud into YouTube ads and create audiences for advertising campaigns.

Katharine Toll

Katharine Toll

Not only is the expiration of cookies an issue for marketing attribution, that issue is heightened for marketers using cookie audiences for retargeting ads. The solution for replacing your ever-shrinking cookie audiences is sitting in your Snowflake Data Cloud. Utilizing your first party customer data in your Snowflake Data Cloud as your data source for ad targeting allows you to more accurately and efficiently run retargeting and acquisition campaigns. You can build accurate and timely audiences and send them to marketing and sales destinations to run your campaigns. One possible destination to send your data is YouTube Ads.

Since Google owns YouTube, you will be dealing with the Google Ads dashboard to create video ad campaigns that can engage and convert viewers. How can you activate your first-party data from Snowflake to target the right viewers on YouTube? What are the benefits of YouTube Ads? You will learn the answers to these questions and more in this article.

Send Data to Google Ads

Google owns YouTube, so you’re going to be using your Google Ads account login to send your data to Google Ads. Here’s how:

  • Log into your Google Ads account
  • Select the tools icon in the top right corner
  • Hover over “Shared Library” and then pick “Audience manager”
  • Choose the “Customer Segments” page
  • Press the plus button to create a new segment.
  • Select Customer list from the choices
  • Name the segment 
  • Select the type of customer data you’re uploading:
  • Emails, Phones and/or Mailing Addresses
  • User IDs
  • Mobile Device IDs
  • Upload your CSV file 
  • Choose the Membership duration and add a description
  • Click “Upload and create”

How to Send Data from Snowflake to YouTube Ads

The key to timely and relevant campaigns starts is to send data from Snowflake to YouTube ads, and you also want to send a large volume of data fast. With our tool, you can move large amounts of data to the destination of your choice fast. We make it easy to send audiences from Snowflake to a destination within seconds.

Flywheel Software empowers your team to quickly activate customer data across various destination platforms with no knowledge of coding required. Flywheel is a First Party Data Platform that can sync to all your favorite marketing tools and platforms, create customer segments, and measure impacts on metrics. Our platform integrates with Snowflake to give you deep access to your data without having to copy it from one platform to the other.

Our destination sources include YouTube ads.

Sending data from Snowflake to YouTube Ads is a quick 5-step process:

1. Connect your data warehouse as a data source.

Link your data warehouse to your Flywheel Software app. You should only have to enter your data warehouse credentials once. Although this article is specific to Snowflake, the process is similar if you use Amazon Redshift, BigQuery or another data warehouse.

2. Set your YouTube Ads account as a destination.

Within the Flywheel app, add YouTube Ads as a destination. You will only have to do this one. As a side note, you will also want to link your YouTube channel to your Google Ads account to get the most from your data.

3. Create a customer segment from your data warehouse.

You can build an audience segment across any criteria in your data warehouse. For example, if you’re running a churned customers campaign, you will be selecting the data points that indicate the customer has churned. Perhaps it's using your transactions data table and selecting the most recent purchase date greater than 365 days ago.

4. Select your treatment and control groups.

You can decide on the percentages of your audience that should get the campaign (treatment) and that which will not (control). The treatment group will be sent from Snowflake to YouTube Ads.

5. Export to YouTube Ads.

Next, select Export to YouTube Ads. YouTube Ads will match users and create a Customer Match Audience. When you create a YouTube Ads campaign, you can choose your Customer Match Audience for targeting, lookalike or exclusion.

Your audience can be sent once to YouTube Ads, or you can leave the sync enabled to update as people enter and exit your audience. In the above churned customers example, if your definition of churned is that their most recent purchase date is 365 days ago, and Sally’s most recent purchase date is 360 days ago, she’ll be added to the audience in 5 days when she meets the criteria. Flywheel will also remove users from your audience who no longer qualify as well as add newly qualified users to your audience. 

You can also track the incremental revenue (or any other metric) driven by your treatment group using Flywheel's campaign evaluation feature.

Benefits of Sending Data to YouTube Ads

Videos can engage audiences better than static pictures and text. Advertising on YouTube can empower your brand to:

  • Connect with the right audience: When you send your data to YouTube Ads, you can reach the right people who you want to target instead of blindly throwing your ad to the masses.
  • Connect deeper with your audience: People want more from marketing content. They want an experience. Creating video campaigns that speak to different audiences will create experiences and ultimately sales conversions.

Exporting data to YouTube Ads via Flywheel lets you:

  • Find audiences with similar interests.
  • Win churned customers back based on their purchase history.
  • Upsell non-email openers with videos that can be difficult to ignore (especially if the videos are relevant to their tastes).

Other Benefits of Flywheel

Speed and Simplicity

Flywheel is the fastest way to activate data from your data warehouse to drive revenue growth across your customer life cycle. Flywheel not only expedites data activation but simplifies it. You can create customer segments in one central hub and activate them across your marketing and sales channels.

No Coding Required

Any member of your team can quickly build customer lists from your Snowflake Data Cloud, no SQL required. This feature allows people with little to no technical know-how to keep the data flowing so your marketing campaigns do not stall.

Send Customer Segments to All the Top Sales and Marketing Platforms

YouTube Ads does not have to be your data’s only destination. You can export your audiences to some of the most popular platforms for cross-channel campaigns:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • TikTok Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • and more!

Send data from Snowflake to YouTube Ads with Flywheel Software

Take advantage of better targeting utilizing your first-party data by connecting it with your advertising platforms. Flywheel Software is here to help transform your data-driven marketing strategies by accelerating data activation. Within minutes, marketing and business teams can build audiences and activate them to over 30 destinations, including YouTube Ads.

Ready to get started? Schedule your free demo with our software specialists.

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