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The Monthly Wheeler: September 2021

Bryan Tsiliacos

The Monthly Wheeler: September 2021

September 2021

👋 Thank you for being a part of The Monthly Wheeler! We’re working hard to make the app better so you can activate your customer data. Below is a list of what we shipped in September.

Bug fixes & app improvements

New login page layout! 🖌

We’ve updated the look and feel of the login page to match the new site design. It’s the small things that make a difference!

Speed improvements on audiences page! 🏎

View your list of audiences faster than ever with virtually no latency.

Intelligent error messaging when adding/changing/removing criteria! ⚠️

We’ve upgraded our error messaging in the criteria builder to include why something failed so you know how to better resolve it.

Old error message
New error message

No more screen jumping when clicking on filter descriptions in the criteria builder!

Now you can view filter descriptions without the screen jump.

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