Chris Sell

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris is a Co-Founder of Flywheel. He started his career in college creating web and mobile applications and entering local entrepreneurship competitions and pitching them to anyone who would listen. He is a self taught web application engineer. Chris started his career at Google in Silicon Valley where he worked on the Google Ads team on how to create a customer journey for millions of small business customers at scale. At Google, Chris pursued 20% projects with Google[x] to help put together the Solve for [x] web portal for pursuing Moonshot thinking. In 2013, Chris left Google to lead Product at a startup called URX, a Google Ventures and Accel backed startup that sold to Pinterest in 2015. URX helped millions of mobile app users discover the content within other mobile apps through deeplinking. Since then Chris has been focused on building data oriented software products in the Cloud. After seeing companies begin to shift their customer data to Cloud Data Warehouses, Chris realized there would be an opportunity to help companies responsibly “Activate” this data for use in their business and decided to start Flywheel to help propel this trend forward. As with anything, Chris believes a slow, steady, focus yields outsized results and hence named the company “Flywheel” with his Co-Founder David. Chris lives in “Sweet home Chicago” with his dog, cat, and his Partner of 15 years.

Blog Posts

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Send data from Google BigQuery to Google Ads in under 5 minutes

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Send data from BigQuery to Facebook in under 5 minutes

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