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The Monthly Wheeler: August 2021

Bryan Tsiliacos

The Monthly Wheeler: August 2021

August 2021

👋 Thank you for being a part of The Monthly Wheeler! We’re working hard to make the app better so you can generate more value from your customer data. Below is a list of what we shipped in August.

New feature

From sign up to launch in three easy steps 🚀

We’ve created a new onboarding flow to accelerate time to value for new customers. Now they can quickly connect to their cloud data warehouse, configure their user table, and build their first audience off it in three easy steps. Go tell your friends!

Export your audiences to Klaviyo! 🎯

You asked we delivered - sync your audiences directly to Klaviyo for email and SMS campaigns! Here’s how to configure them for your next audience export:

  • Go to the Destinations page
  • Click New Destination
  • Scroll down until you see the Email section
  • Click Add Klaviyo
  • Add in your credentials and click Create
  • Now when you export an audience you will see Klaviyo as an option!

Don’t see a destination you want? Email to get it added!

Bug fixes & app improvements

New UI layout for Destinations page! 🖌

We’ve transformed the Destinations page for better manageability and discoverability. Now you can manage your existing connections and quickly add new ones via our destination catalog. See what’s available today!

New UI layout for Admin page! 🖌

We’ve also rolled out a new UI layout to the Admin page which makes creating new organizations and adding new team members a breeze.

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