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Why Build a Customer Audience Platform in your Cloud?

Flywheel is building a Customer Audience Platform that can be launched in your cloud.

Most organizations today are centralizing your customer data in a cloud data warehouse like BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake. With all the privacy regulations coming online including CCPA and GDPR it is safer, easier, and more secure to keep your customer data where it should your cloud.

At the same time there is demands on technology and analytics teams to send customer data to a multitude of 3rd party softwares for marketing and sales to engage your customers. How do you empower sales & marketing, while maintaining customer data privacy? That's where Flywheel comes in.

Flywheel launches their Customer Audience Platform in your Google Cloud or Amazon Web Service environment. Your analyst, marketing, and sales teams can easily create intelligent customer audiences with an easy to use user interface. They can then share these audiences with the marketing and sales tools they love like Marketo, Salesforce, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. You empower your marketing and sales teams to grow your business and have an orchestrated, auditable way of sharing the minimum customer data needed for each campaign.

Over the coming months, we will be posting best practices we are finding on customer data privacy in the Cloud and how we're seeing companies successfully leverage their data to systematically amplify the trajectory of their business. We're looking forward to creating a more privacy conscious world together, while continuing to power businesses growth.

The Flywheel Team

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